Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shopping at Orca with ZebraLover

Hey everyone! It's ZebraLover and today I am going to take you along with me to Orca. So you may be wondering what is Orca? Well it is a big store that has 6 levels. It is known mostly for it's furniture but it also has a lot of home decor, kitchen supplies, and craft supplies! So I thought it would be fun to take you guys along! WildKittenLover is going to post a separate post of another adventure that she is going to take you too! So let just hop into this adventure! 

So we started off with looking at Living room furniture. And there were so many sets of living rooms!!
Then we moved on to the home decor section. And they had so many fake flowers that I just had to take a picture with them! lol!
Next stop Bedroom decor! I love this picture above that says: "Do What You Love" 
My favorite clock was those bird ones! They are so cute and pretty! 
Finally we got to the baking section! And if you know me I love baking and making treats! We bought some of these things so you will probably see some of them on Sweet Treats and Yummy Goodies blog! 
And that's the end of shopping at Orca! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Look out for WildKittenLovers post! I can't tell you what it is though! Have a great day! And we'll see you next time! -ZebraLover



Monday, April 4, 2016

Adventure Time at the Mall

Hey Everyone! Since you guys like Adventures so much, WildKittenLover and I decided we would bring you along to the mall! We hope you enjoy this adventure and please let us know if you want to see more adventures! Anyways let's hop into this! 
We first stopped at the pet store and ZebraLover got to hold an adorable puppy!

WildKittenLover was looking at the cool fish in the pet store too!
Then we decided to stop at the Clothing Store called Mango and ZebraLover posed for a picture!
Time for the Ice Cream Shop! Ohh so many choices! ZebraLover decided to go with Oreo Ice Cream and
WildKittenLover decided to go with Caramel. Which one would you chose? 
Eating IceCream!! 
And that's the end of the adventure! Thank you all so much for coming along! We hope you enjoyed this! And we will see you next time with a new post coming soon! -ZebraLover and -WildKittenLover