Saturday, November 28, 2015

Picture of Blogger Girl team and their dog

WildKittenLover and ZebraLover ready for a trip with their dog Rosie! Isn't Rosie funny? If she is comment down below!!! Rosie looks funny as she winks at you! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fall Inspired craft by WildKittenLover

Leaf Pad 

Hey Guys! It's Wild Kitten Lover!
   Don't you just love fall? The trees in fall look beautiful! With all the orange, red, and green!!!!!<3 
So I decided to post something for fall!  It is called a Leaf Pad!!!!!!       The things  you will need are: a pair of  scissors, some pastels,  a white sheet of paper, and a  stapler.  So let's  get started!!!! First, take your scissors  and cut a leaf shape on your white sheet of paper.(Cut about 3 or 4  leafs from the paper for your pad)
After your done cutting your paper into leaves  get your pastels and start COLORING the front of your pad.( WARNING! do not color the inside) 
Next, take your stapler and staple the top of the leaf!!!! 
Have fun making it!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                   ~ENJOY~

Fall Inspired Craft by ZebraLover

Hey it's ZebraLover! And I am going to show you a craft for fall! You might have see our previous video with WildKittenLover telling you that we are going to do Fall crafts. We wanted to put up our crafts sooner but we never got around to doing it. But now they are here! WildKittenLover will soon be putting up her fall craft. Okay let's just hop in to this!

The things you will need: 2 sheet's of white paper, pastels or markers (I used pastels), 1 glue stick or a tape stamper, and scissors. 

Step 1: Draw out leaves of red, yellow and brown. Cut them out. Fill them in with your pastels or markers.

Step 2: Take your sheet of white paper and glue your leaves to it in a falling position. 

Step 3: Write Fall: To Do at the top. 

And there you have a pretty to do list for your fall season! Thanks everyone for visiting Sister Creativity! If you make this craft then please send us a picture! ~ZebraLover