Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Adventure At The Pool

Hey Everyone! Today we want to take you on an Adventure to a pool with us! It will be a lot of fun, so grab your swim suit and lets go! :)

First stop! WildkittenLover poses for a picture on a bridge that separates small pools!
A quick over view of the pool! Such a nice day! I just want to jump in! :)

And we jumped right in! Of coarse we had our swim suits on don't worry. :)
Oh look now ZebraLover is posing in the pool. Don't fall in! 

Waterfall pool?? Anyways we loved it!
And that is the end of our pool adventure! We hope you enjoyed coming along! And let us know in the comments what adventure you want to see us do next! Have a great day and we will see you next time we post! :)