Saturday, November 28, 2015

Picture of Blogger Girl team and their dog

WildKittenLover and ZebraLover ready for a trip with their dog Rosie! Isn't Rosie funny? If she is comment down below!!! Rosie looks funny as she winks at you! 


  1. to: ZebraLover and WildKittenLover. You guys look so cute! Yes Rosie is so funny! I miss you<3 email me!

  2. To: The Sistercreativity Team:
    I know this is a little belated, yeah, Rosies Funny, and, nice Selfie, i miss you too and email me!
    ~Piano Lover
    btw: Check out these AWESOME BLOGS
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    Bye for now, everyone!
    ~Piano Lover

  3. Awww....thanks guys so much! LOVE YOU!<3


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