Saturday, October 10, 2015

Welcome to our Blog!

Hey everyone! I'm Zebra Lover! And I hope you enjoy this blog! My sister and I made this blog! If you get a reply in the comments from Blogger Girl that is us! My sister Wild Kitten Lover and I love to blog! So watch out for more posts coming your way! -ZebraLover 

Hey guys! It's Wild kitten Lover here! I hope you guys like all the posts!! It would be nice if you could write a comment under the first post!!!!!Please tell others about are blog!!!!!:) -WildkittenLover

Here are some messages to you guys from the Blogger Girl's! 


  1. What do you want us to post first? -WildKittenLover

  2. I don't know. Love the blog, btw.

  3. btw, WildKittenLover, i love the blog and i want you and ZebraLover to post more on the blog!!

    1. How about a pic of a animal?!

  4. Can you do a pic of a baby animal?:)

  5. I like kittens can you do a pic of a kitten?:P

  6. Hey Everyone! It's WildKittenLover~ I hope everyone likes the blog!


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